Solar thermal energy

Harness the sun’s energy to heat water or other fluid through the use of solar thermal collectors. This heated water may be used to produce hot water for domestic use (DHW), for heating and pool heating, drastically reducing energy consumption for these purposes, with the consequent saving on electricity bills and the reduction of emissions to the atmosphere.

Depending on the season, the hot water needs would be covered 100%, and for most unfavorable seasons it would be an important support.

In Klima Gaucín S.L. we offer different installation methods:

– Using flat plate solar collector:
Usually, a flat-plate collector consists of a metal box with a glas or plastic cover (glazing) on top and a dark-colored absober plate on the bottom. For minimizing heat loss, the sides and bottom of the collector are insulated.

The changing from solar energy into heat energy works as follows: the sunlight passes through the glazing and strikes the absorber plate, wich heats up. The heat is transferred to liquid passing through pipes attached to the absorber plate.

They are the most used by having the most favorable Performance/Costs relationship.

Most flat plate collectors have a life expectancy of over 25 years.

– Use vacuum tube:

Through the vacuum tube the scavening surface is reduced in exchange in exchange for some lower heat losses. These tubes have the same appearance as traditional fluorescent tubes, but dark.
The advantages of this system are its greater isolation, and greater flexibility in placement, as it usually allows a variation of 20 ⁰ about their ideal inclination without loss of performance, which greatly facilitates integration into the aesthetics of the building. They present a best performance at lower temperatures.