Home Automation

For added comfort, and to provide easy control over the entire HVAC system and facilities of the house, we offer the ability to interact with it via a home automation system.

This will give our client the possibility to, with a clear and simple interface, view and adjust the values in order to obtain the maximum comfort.

We, in Klima Gaucín, bear in mind that these systems are there to facilitate the day to day from our clients, and not to add one more difficulty. That is why we put so much interest in make these systems easy to use and understand. This is achieved by a clear and intuitive interface.

Also, with home automation, is achieved a more efficient use of the house facilities, in combination with systems like detection of presence or time programming.

With such systems as well as control the house temperature, it is posible to control lighting, security, and even irrigation.

By installing such a system it is possible to forget about going home and that it has cooled down, because with appropriate programming the desired temperature will be maintained. You can monitor the house remotely, via internet, and you can also observe how the electric bill is reduced by a best use of the house facilities.