Heat pump

A heat pump is a device that transfers thermal energy from a source to a sink that is at a higher temperature than the source.  Thus, heat pumps move thermal energy in a direction wich is opposite to the direction of spontaneous heat flow.

If the requirement is to heat a room, heat would be drawn from outside to inside, and if the requirement is cool it would be done the reverse cycle, ie, extracting heat from inside and take it outside, reducing the temperature.

They are used for heating of rooms such as swimming pools.

Heat pumps have a coefficient called COP (coefficient of performance) usually bigger than three. This is possible because the energy is used to move heat, instead of providing heat as in the case of electrical resistors. The higher the COP, higher the energy efficiency.

We, in Klima Gaucín are committed to find the system that offers higher performance and better fit your needs. Therefore we only use high quality equipment, and with certain guarantees, in order to satisfy our clients requirements.

A system we have used and with which we have obtained satisfactory results is Daikin Altherma Flex. This system has the ability to heat the house, swimming pool and also obtain DHW, with a cost reduction, consumption and emissions compared to the use of gas and oil boilers.

PER: Primary Energy Ratio, for electrically driven heat pumps a PER can be defined, by multiplying the COP with the power generation efficiency.