About us

We are a company settled in Gaucín, between the Serranía de Ronda and the Costa del Sol.

Since 1994 we are working  in the area of solar thermal energy, heating by L.P.G. , diesel boiler or heat pumps, and since 1999 we are also dedicated to the installation of solar photovoltaic energy equipment.

Our facilities range from underfloor heating or radiators with wall hung boilers  to combined HVAC systems for housing and indoor pools.

As a KNX Partner company and due to the grater sophisticaton of these types of facilities, we offer the possibility to control them through KNX/EIB system, European domotic standard, offering the highest flexibility and maximum comfort for the user, with the consequent money savings. It’s possible to control this system through internet or cell phone, so that the user can take control over his/her installation from anywhere. It also offers a wide range of possibilities, such as the regulation and control of lighting, alarm system (both intrusion, such as fire or leak detection of water or gas, etc.), shutter control, or other controls according to customers needs.

Energy consumption that takes place in homes is very high, and our goal is to minimize it without sacrificing comfort, and without adding any difficulty to our customers. With a good choice of the HVAC system and optimum control over it amazing results can be obtained.